Hand-crafted Social Wear designed from origial photography taken by Vancouver Native Marie Lavallee

Eye catching pieces that inspire conversation wherever you go.



Made to order products reduce unnecessary 

waste by cutting back on energy caused by the excessive amounts of clothing manufactured. 

Each item is manufactured in Canada by real people who are paid fairly. 

SEWCIALIZE is a proud Canadian business committed to designing authentic products that are produced from locally sourced materials.

Support Local

SEWCIALIZE teams up with organizations which foster community and social development. 

Marie hopes to create employment and teach skills to women who are escaping a high risk lifestyle.

Social Economy

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About Prints


SEWCIALIZE images are printed onto excellent quality canvas using only museum standard inks and the latest technology in printing equipment.

Wood frames are sourced in Canadian forests.

Hand made

Hand stretched, perfectly

flat canvas securely stapled to

your wood frame.


Arrives to your home

ready to hang for you

 and your guests 

to admire.


Once you choose the

canvas print of your

choice and your desired

size I will place your

order with my printer.


Your stunning canvas

will be sent directly to

your home within 2 - 5

days of the day you

place your order.


12 x 8

18 x 12

24 x 16

30 x 20

20 x 16

10 x 8




Portrait styled canvas is printed onto hand stretched canvas, using only the finest in printing materials.

A blurry view of Vancouver's Granville Strip.


A monochrome image of East Vancouver's iconic monument proudly representing the neighbourhood I grew up.

Hope Blossoms

Along the side of a Strathcona Church stand three beautiful trees, which this spring only one tree has bloomed.