Hand-crafted Social Wear designed from origial photography taken by Vancouver Native Marie Lavallee

Eye catching pieces that inspire conversation wherever you go.



Made to order products reduce unnecessary 

waste by cutting back on energy caused by the excessive amounts of clothing manufactured. 

Each item is manufactured in Canada by real people who are paid fairly. 

SEWCIALIZE is a proud Canadian business committed to designing authentic products that are produced from locally sourced materials.

Support Local

SEWCIALIZE teams up with organizations which foster community and social development. 

Marie hopes to create employment and teach skills to women who are escaping a high risk lifestyle.

Social Economy

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East Vancouver's bold iconic cross proudly stands along Clark Drive - the street where I spent growing up for most of my childhood. 


After taking the photograph of the East Van cross a plethora of happy, and not so happy memories struck me about my time growing up in East Vancouver, a neighbourhood once known for being the "wrong side" of the track.


East Van is home to me. It is where I was born as was my father, grandmother and great grandmother, and I am sure East Van is home to many of you as well. 


Velveteen fabric


Cuddly and soft to the touch

  • 100% polyester upholstery velveteen
  • 80 000 double rub count for fabric durability
  • Printed with vibrant fade-resistant solvent-free inks
  • YKK zipper closure, manufactured in Canada


Canvas fabric


Sturdy fabric gives a modern look to your decor

  • 100% polyester upholstery canvas
  • 50 000 double rub count for fabric durability
  • Printed with fade resistant solvent-free inks
  • YKK zipper closure, manufactured in Canada

East Van Is Home

Pillow Case Size
Fabric Options
  • Each pillow case is made to order. Production includes printing the image of your choice onto your selected fabric followed by sewing your pillow case together. This process can take five to ten days. 


    While you are checking out you have the options to choose standard delivery via Canada Post, or overnight delivery by UPS if you want your order quicker.  Standard shipping can take up to one week to receive your pillow case whereas overnight delivery allows you to receive your purchase the following day after your order is shipped. Once your order is shipped to you, you will receive a notification with a tracking number provided be either shipping option.